Hooray! Big Eclipse on the Way

By now most people have heard that there’s a rare event happening across a swath of North America on August 21. It’s a big big deal and my friend writer/illustrator Nancy Coffelt has created a fantastic kids’ guide to the big event called The Big Eclipse. From Amazon, here’s the scoop: “Readers will learn what causes eclipses, about strange eclipse effects, eclipse myths and even learn what hippos do when day turns to night. The book tells why it’s important to protect your eyes when viewing the sun, especially during an eclipse – and how to do so safely. Each book comes with a safe solar eclipse viewer.” Holy cannolis! It’s worth the price just for the solar safe viewer. And when you add Nancy’s vivid art and fun characters, it’s a must-have for anyone with kids who might be prepping for the big day…or just wanting to know more about what’s about to happen.




About kimgriswell

I'm an author, an editor, a writing coach, and a workshop leader. I spend my days asking questions and looking (or listening) for answers, and thinking up ideas for new stories to write for my favorite audience: kids! I guess I'm just about as curious as Rufus Leroy Williams III, the intrepid pink hero of my picture book series from Sterling Publishing, is persistent. Did you know that in 5000 B.C. people blamed 'tooth worms' for their cavities? Neither did I until I developed THE HAUNTED OUTHOUSE for the Bathroom Reader's Institute. Turns out, ancient dentists filled the wormholes with metals like gold or silver. Except the Aztecs. They used a mix of iron, water, and belly-button lint. As you'll discover by reading RUFUS GOES TO SCHOOL, RUFUS GOES TO SEA, and RUFUS BLASTS OFF! I believe that reading opens up worlds for young people. Books did that for me, and I hope my books will do the same for today's kids.
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1 Response to Hooray! Big Eclipse on the Way

  1. Kathy Doherty says:

    I love the cover of this book. I want to meet the hippo!

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